Chef Bogomil is looking to his 30s but abundance of experience. Working with the best gave him opportunity to look up to someone. No question there was time and dedication invested in shaping his skills and knowledge but his talent is what makes the real difference. His personality is calm, collected and almost timid character but his work and energy that bursts out of it … such a firework.

He is into plating, into thyme but he is into creating trends, as well. Going hand in hand with Mediterranean tradition and groceries from the local market Chef Bogomil influences Dubrovnik gourmet scene massively.

Food is a language

of passion, the thing we do when the traditional language fails… when we don’t know what to say, when we are hungry.

The most talented

Enrolled as the most talented in the class of 2018 at MSA Culinary Art Academy of Istanbul

A recipe has no soul

but your Chef does!

Bistro Revelin recommends

Like no place else...